Bichon Frise Puppies: Why this breed is so popular in Europe?

For centuries, Europeans have been head-over-heels for Bichon Frise puppies (for costs information click here). These adorable little puppies used to travel with Spanish seamen on their ships. Spain also used the Bichon as the subject of student paintings. Henry III pampered this dog as if it were his prized possession; he even wore a basket around his neck that held his Bichon. The Italians rediscovered these little dogs in the 1300s, and they became great favorites of Italian nobility. When this breed gained its popularity back under Napoleon III, this dog was seen running all over the streets of France. What is it that makes these dogs so popular, especially among Europeans?

The Bichon Frise dog is the definition of a perfect pet; they are very lively, entertaining, perky, playful, intelligent, and affectionate. Because of these traits, they are a naturally sociable pet. They are active indoors, easy to train, and they will love you unconditionally. They also get along very well with other animals, so they will not fight other dogs and growl at them the way pugnacious dogs do. Best of all, they are hypoallergenic; meaning your Bichon will not trigger your allergies. You will not even have to worry about finding white cotton balls all over your furniture, floor, and clothing, as this dog does not shed its fur. Another helpful character about its fur is that it’s odourless, so you will not have to smell that nasty dog smell that other dogs give off. They are also one of the healthiest dogs around, which is why they live between fifteen and twenty years. Bichon Frise puppies are the happiest when they are participating in family vacations, and they only weigh about six and a half to ten pounds. With many designer brand purses in Europe (such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci), what European would not want to carry around a playful pup in a purse to keep them and their family company while they are on vacation? Especially, since they are not affected by weather, so you will be able to take your Bichon to a cold place such as the snow or a warm place like the beach without it getting affected.

Bichon Frise dogs are not only outgoing, but they are also very obedient. Even though they may need a daily walk or two, they are fairly active indoors. They get enough exercise by playing indoors and will not need to play outside on the yard that much. If you train your Bichon at an early age, and if you do it constantly, you can easily turn them into a watch dog. Even though Bichon’s are not a stereotypical “annoying small dog,” they tend to bark at strangers or noises that seem suspicious, which make them good watch dogs. Training your Bichon will make your relationship between you and him/her stronger, especially since they are energetic and they are always eager to please their owners. As long as you do not forcefully train them, they do not have a reason to snarl at you.

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